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Many addicts can seem to have little regard for themselves after years and years of destructive habits. In many cases, addicts and alcoholics don’t even realize how far they’ve fallen into drugs.

Even though many people have tried to clean up, it’s impossible for friends and family to force an addict or alcoholic to get their life together. However, an expert interventionist knows exactly what to say, coordinating family members to rally together, finding your loved one the treatment they need.

The process is designed to bring back hope where it seemed lost once before. Thousands of addicts have been inspired into recovery. Countless lives have been saved. It all starts with a simple phone call to find the help of a professional interventionist.


Interventionists Near Me

Find an Interventionist Near Me – The national network of interventionists is staffed 24/7 by our Addiction Hotline. Before an intervention can begin, our team will find out more about the specific situation, severity of the addiction, and the treatment options available. The Prevail Intervention team is familiar with all of the drug intervention models and therefore assists clients and their families with drug and alcohol interventions nationwide.

Why Do I Need an Interventionist?

A Drug and Alcohol Interventionist comes in when your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and may not be willing to accept the reality of their situation yet. Interventionists can work in a variety of different capacities. In some cases, intervention can simply be a series of phone calls both with the family to prepare for getting their loved one help. Once treatment options have been established, it is a matter of executing the plan and getting their loved one admitted into a substance abuse treatment program.

What to Expect When You Call an Interventionist

When you call one of our drug interventionists– or our addiction hotline— our professional team will start the pre-assessment process. The assessment process begins with a complete history of overall family history, drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, and any important legal factors that may be present. Next, our interventionists will start to explore treatment options and financial arrangements for an outpatient or residential treatment facility. Also important are discussions about what your insurance may cover for treatment at a residential drug treatment center.

Drug Interventionist Services

Drugs or alcohol, in many cases, cause complexities and issues with family dynamics. Substance abuse may also sometimes be a sign of other mental illness or physiological conditions. For you or your loved one suffering from addiction or alcoholism, accepting help is half of the battle. Our professional intervention team works to achieve long-term recovery from drugs, alcohol, and mental health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Treatment

Our intervention team works with a variety of treatment programs nationwide including mental health facilities, treatment centers, drug rehabs, substance abuse treatment centers and residential long-term treatment centers.

Interventionist Hotline and Addiction Hotline

The national network of interventionists is staffed 24/7 by our Addiction Hotline. Before an intervention can begin our team will ask you more about your situation, get to know the severity of the addiction, and go over the treatment options available to you or your loved one. Accordingly, the Prevail Intervention team is familiar with all of the drug intervention models.

Find a Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab

After discovering your treatment options, we can begin the process of getting your loved one to accept help. Generally, saving the lives of addicts and alcoholics is the main objective of an interventionist. In some cases, this is handled over the phone by relating to what they are struggling with and having them speak with our team or other people that have been through battles with addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.

The moment your loved one is willing to accept help is the very beginning. Timing is imperative when it comes to addiction recovery. Know that we follow up through the entire process: from the first phone call until we know your loved one is where they need to be. In most cases, this includes getting them to accept help at a substance abuse treatment facility, inpatient drug rehab or residential treatment facility.

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When do I Need an Interventionist?

Here are the most common signs of Drug Abuse or Alcoholism. If any of these apply, contact our Drug Interventionist, Alcohol Interventionist or Addiction Hotline to discuss how we might be able to help you and your loved one.

If you suspect a loved one is exhibiting the signs of drug addiction, then they probably have a problem. In many cases, addicts will refuse to admit that they are struggling, even if there are obvious physical signs of drug abuse. While certain drug addicts will exhibit subtle behavioral signs of drug abuse, other drugs have more specific signs.

Meth and coke addicts will typically binge for days and then crash for long periods of time. If your loved one is acting drunk and sleeping a lot, even though you can’t detect alcohol on their breath, they may have a problem with something else, like Xanax. Opiate addiction has signs similar to Xanax, and users often shoot up using needles. Prescription drug abuse is quite a bit harder to detect in many times. However, it is just as risky as other drugs.

Alcoholism Warning Signs

Many people have a problem telling the difference between an alcoholic and a regular drinker. When assessing your loved one, it’s important to consider the warning signs of alcoholism. If someone you know is asking themselves “Am I an Alcoholic?”, they very well could have a problem. Trying to get sober without help can be dangerous, depending on the situation. If the alcoholic is unaware of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal and detox can be very dangerous. Fortunately, we have several resources for Alcoholics who are ready to get help. Don’t wait!

Interventionists Near Me

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Find an interventionist near me. Drug addiction and Alcoholism is a serious and potentially fatal disease. Our professional drug interventionist or alcohol interventionist can assist with getting your loved one help.

Find an interventionist near me

Interventionist Review

Carlos F.

The interventionist and my family didn’t stop until they got me to say yes to go into treatment. I am so glad they didn’t give up on me. Getting help from a professional interventionist was the first step I needed to get sober.

Diana B.

Alcohol Intervention Review

My Husband wouldn’t stop drinking after two DUI’s. I called the Addiction Hotline, spoke to an Interventionist and in three days he met with me and my husband. After the meeting, my husband checked himself into a treatment center. Thanks, Prevail!

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