How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System

How Long Does Cocaine Remain In The Body

There are a wide range of factors that affect how long cocaine stays in you or your system. The length of how long cocaine stays in your system are dependent on six (6) key factors, these are as follows: Factors that impact How Long Does Cocaine Remain in Your System? Cocaine Dosage How long cocaine […]

Defining Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)


Withdrawal refers to any prolonged symptom an individual experiences after they have ended their battle with drug addiction and may experience a series of symptoms that come and go at unexpected times. Each episode of the post acute withdrawal symptom (PAWS) may last for hours, days or even up to a year. Symptoms of withdrawal […]

Crack Cocaine Addiction


Defining Crack and Cocaine Both drugs, crack and cocaine are made from leaves of cocoa plants, the same plant in which we get chocolate (from it’s beans) native to South America. No worries, cocoa in its natural form, is relatively harmless, the dangers lie in its refinement into cocaine, it can lead to severe and […]