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How to Get Help for Alcoholism or Addiction?

Finding the right resources for you or your loved one struggling with Alcoholism or Addiction can be a difficult and challenging process.

We speak with hundreds of families, loved ones and people every day and we understand how difficult it is to find help.

We have created our help center to provide multiple ways you or your loved one can get help. Simply click the link below to get started.

Understanding Addiction

Our resources will assist you in understanding the severe impacts of addiction on your life.

Find an Interventionist

A drug and alcohol intervention is designed to get your loved one who may be addicted to drugs or alcohol to stop denying the fact that they have an addiction problem and to get them to accept help for their drug or alcohol problem.
In most cases, a drug and alcohol intervention take place with the closest family members and an intervention specialist are present at a comfortable environment.

The facts are presented on the effects of their loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse. During a drug and alcohol intervention the main objective is to give their loved one no other choice but to get help the need. It is important that drug and alcohol interventions take place after the family has panned out treatment options for him or her.

A drug and alcohol intervention can sometimes be confrontational. The addict is usually presented facts of their using and the impact it has had on their family and loved ones. The goal in a drug alcohol intervention is provide enough evidence to the drug addict that their using is killing them and their family and provide no other option but to get help.

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