How long does Suboxone block opiates?

How Long does Suboxone Block Opiates? Suboxone is a drug used to aid in the medically assisted detox process.  Suboxone will block opiates, protecting the user from getting high for a 24 hour period. One of the ingredients in Suboxone is what scientists call a partial agonist.  Acting as a “key” that fits into the […]

Xanax Addiction

Xanax Addiction

Xanax Addiction Increases We are seeing a huge increase in the number of people struggling with Xanax Addiction. Partly due to Xanax abuse being popularized in hip-hop culture. However, Xanax Addiction is a very serious issue. Withdrawals from Xanax can cause life threatening seizures. People addicted to Xanax are also much more likely to suffer […]

Zubsolv and Suboxone – Opiate Addiction

Zubsolv - New Drug Like Suboxone

Zubsolv is a relatively new drug like suboxone. Both are a sublingual tablet that is used to treat an opioid addiction. Addicts are given these medications when coming off of opiates like heroin. Zubsolv is the result of combining buprenorphine and naloxone, both of which are opiate treatment drugs. The mixture made to create Zubsolv […]

Dependency to Ecstasy Pills

Addiction To Ecstasy Pills

Clinically referred to as MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), Ecstasy, is widely known as the original designer drug because of its high profiled standard. It can be linked to pop culture from as early as the late 80s to the present day. Ecstasy is widely popular among the younger generations who party a lot. MDMA is a well-known […]

Getting to Know the Opiate Fentanyl

Getting to Know Fentanyl Opiate

Fentanyl is single-handedly one of the strongest opiate drugs in existence. It, however, is not long lasting. The opiate Fentanyl is oftentimes used as anesthesia for surgery and surgery recovery. Sometimes, it is even used for breakthrough pain. This means that if an individual is already taking an existing opiate drug but gets no relief […]

Oxycontin Interventions

oxycontin interventions

If you or your loved one is suffering from an OxyContin addiction, you may be in need of OxyContin interventions. It is more than likely that you had begun taking the drug due to a previous or existing terrible pain. Since most medical personnel are using more powerful painkillers such as OxyContin which is a […]