Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Addiction to Heroin

Heroin addiction is a serious rising epidemic in the drug and alcohol rehab industry. Heroin is a fairly common and highly addictive opiate drug. It derives from the medically-known drug, morphine, which is extracted from various Opium poppy plants. For an average heroin user, the drug is often injected with needles or smoked through heating it then inhaling the vapors. This drug classifies as an illicit (illegal) substance that is used recreationally. People who use heroin are at great risk for addiction, as it is one of the highest, most addictive euphoria-producing substances on the streets.  

Heroin Addiction Risks

Heroin addiction can become fatal for you or your loved one if usage is currently present. One of the most effective treatment options for heroin addiction is inpatient heroin drug rehab facilities, such as those that offer opiate medication assisted treatment. Heroin addiction is a disease that always requires professional help. There are treatment options for heroin addiction designed to suit the needs of each individual. Although not the most dangerous drug to experience withdrawal from, it is definitely one of the riskiest. Detox from heroin should always be supported and guided by a medical professional or doctor.

Heroin Substitutes

In most cases, other opiates are used and substituted for Heroin Addiction. This could include Morphine, Vicodin, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Methadone and many others. Many addicts will find ways to obtain opiate medication to ease the withdrawals when they can no longer afford their usual dose of Heroin.

Some medical professionals of heroin addiction rehab may recommend pharmaceuticals such as Suboxone, depending on the addicted person’s situation. These types of medications can sustain the chemicals in the heroin addict’s brain so they don’t feel the intense craving for their usual heroin rush. Certain compounds in the medicines mock dopamine, the main chemical that delivers pleasure or euphoria during a heroin high, and can give the user a chance to cleanse the body of heroin completely. Then, they may properly work towards getting sober and working on recovery.

Types of Heroin Drug Rehab Treatment Options

What are the treatment options for heroin?

Each heroin drug rehab option provides the same core rehab treatment services for heroin addiction. This includes heroin detox, inpatient drug rehab, residential drug rehab, counseling, outpatient therapy, and aftercare. Our 24/7 heroin addiction hotline can discuss these options further for you or your loved one’s heroin addiction. Our goal is to provide you (or someone you may know with a heroin problem) the resources necessary in order to overcome the psychological and physical effects that heroin imposes on you and your life.

Residential Heroin Drug Rehab

Most of the time it is the individual’s current environment that plays a large role in why they began taking heroin in the first place. More often than not, another major factor influencing heroin addiction is peer pressure. The allure of “just try it” may seem harmless but result in full-blown addiction, as not many other substances out there deliver such an intense euphoric high. Continually hanging around the people who introduced the individual to heroin in the first place is a terrible idea. Especially if the user wants to get clean from heroin, a heroin drug rehab is essential. Therefore, a change of environment in situations like this is the first vital step in their road to becoming sober.

Residential heroin drug rehab treatment centers are where the heroin addict distances him or herself from their current negative living situation and enters what is referred to as a “safe zone.” Here in this safe zone is where instead of having a negative aura constantly surrounding them, he or she can have the total focus on what is in their best interest: recovery. This type of treatment option for heroin addiction offers a variety of benefits for you or your loved one. In a safe and professional monitored environment, you can expect the following:

Heroin Drug Rehab Entails:

  • Detox with adequate support
  • 24/7 care from treatment professionals and interventionists
  • Therapy, group counseling, one-on-one coaching
  • Regular sober meetings (such as Narcotics Anonymous or NA)
  • Exercise practices, nutritional counseling, and holistic care in order to enhance your overall health
  • Therapeutic recreational activities
  • Teamwork, scheduling, guidance, and support
  • A change of forming or being apart of support networks consisting of other recovering addicts

Outpatient Heroin Drug Rehab

There are two (2) main reasons why a person may choose the outpatient option as opposed to the other treatment options for heroin drug rehab. The reasons for the outpatient treatment option include:

  • The current living situation is not one that consists of around the clock negative energy and the addiction was started based out of curiosity or peer pressure
  • Due to the fact that residential treatment options are generally not cheap, some individuals may not be able to afford it or is unable to stay for the full duration of treatment
  • There is adequate support from family or living mates, and the ability to continue on with work and daily tasks proves to be doable by the user

Managing Life While Going Through Heroin Drug Rehab

For these recovering heroin addicts, outpatient heroin rehab offers them a chance to receive the highest possible quality of care while still being able to maintain their presence at their job, home, and (if they have children) to keep up with their kids’ daily lives. If you or your loved one select this treatment option, it will be mandatory to attend heroin drug rehab therapy and counseling sessions during the day. Then you are able to return to your activities after the session is over. It’s important to note, still, that even though this treatment option doesn’t involve living on site a treatment center, recovery is still the main priority. You still need to put in the work, no matter how difficult it may seem. As it is commonly said in recovery support groups: recovery only works if you do.

Holistic Heroin Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment

Holistic practices are becoming more and more common as a means of helping heroin addicts to recover. Such practices encompass various timeless eastern traditions which focus on “whole” embodiment of the healing Self. Holistic medicine practices are well-known in enriching the mind, spirit, and body. Therefore, this may be a great option for someone while he or she moves through their core treatment plans. Holistic practices are merely a supplemental tool that can be utilized during recovery. It is not a substitute or government-approved form of healthcare. Because of this, it is recommended that you consider the right options for your specific situation. Ask a doctor before you fully commit to any of these practices.

Modalities of this specific type of holistic treatment options for heroin drug rehab include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Ayurveda (known as the “Science of Life”, or the sister-science of Yoga)
  • Meditation
  • Therapeutic Gardening
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Various types of art or expression therapy

Holistic Modalities

Acupuncture helps the individual to isolate him or herself from negative energy and thoughts that keep them at a constant risk of relapse. Yoga and meditation help the individual in completely shutting out the distractions of the outside world and help them to focus solely on their health and overall quality of life. Ayurveda incorporates various healing herbs, foods, exercises, and caring lifestyle practices that help properly balance your unique body type and mental constitution. Therapeutic Gardening, also known as Horticultural Therapy, is an ever-growing rehab tool that allows recovering addicts to reconnect with the natural world around them. Learning gardening as a new skill can also help with confidence in the recovery process.

Heroin Drug Rehab Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

What are the treatments for heroin addiction?

As previously stated, regardless of each treatment option having the same core functions, they are each designed to suit the specific needs of each individual for better results.  These include Heroin Drug Rehab options such as Substance Abuse Treatment Centers and Residential Drug Treatment Centers.

Questions about drug addiction and heroin drug rehab can be answered through our Addiction Helpline. Prevail Intervention has knowledgeable professionals who are ready to talk with you and help you start the recovery process. We can help you find the right treatment center right away.

Heroin Drug Rehab – Dual Diagnosis Heroin Drug Rehab

If you or your loved one is suffering from recurring heroin addiction and mental health disorders, then each illness will require an illness-specific treatment. However, with the dual diagnosis option, both treatments are integrated from professionals within the psychiatric field and drug addiction field. Dual diagnosis is more common than a lot of people think. Call our Mental Health Helpline and we can help you find a treatment program specifically for your circumstances.

Drug addiction can absolutely coincide with mental health issues. Often times, drug addiction and mental illness can coincide, or even perpetuate one another. That is why it’s so important to be aware of the underlying causes of addiction. Getting help for a more serious mental health disorder can be life changing, especially in the process of addiction recovery.

Heroin Drug Rehab – Teen Heroin Drug Rehab

This option focuses on specialized treatment for teens that focuses on problems and issues pertaining to their age group. Teen heroin drug rehab programs focus on adolescents from as young as 14 through young adults at 19 years of age. Issues confronted in programs such as these include peer pressure, struggles with family, part personal trauma, issues within their living environment, as well as self-image. The earlier someone starts on the path to recovery, the better chance they have at successful sobriety. Heroin drug rehab can save a young adult’s life. Otherwise, they could possibly carry on their heroin abuse until the negative long-term outcomes are irreversible.

Heroin Drug Rehab – Addiction Rehab For Women

Women may notice they receive greater benefits within their treatment program when surrounded by safe and supportive women. They most likely will have other things in common, aside from heroin addiction. There can be a bigger stigma with certain things pertaining to drug addiction in women.

Gathering together can be challenging, but in the end, it can be more beneficial. It’s helpful to be surrounded by a community who understands each other.  this will lead to not only their trained professional being able to better help them in recovery, but they can also assist each other as recovering addicts. This specific treatment option for heroin addiction includes addressing gender-specific issues, self-image problems, codependency, sexual abuse, and eating disorders.

Heroin Drug Rehab – Heroin Detox and Drug & Alcohol Detox

Heroin addiction almost always includes a medically assisted drug detox. Such a program is called Medication-Assisted Treatment (also known as MAT). These detox programs often use medications such as Suboxone and Zubsolv to assist with the withdrawals from heroin and other opiates.

Careful monitoring during these programs is required, as the ensure the patients do not fall risk of becoming dependent on the medications that assist them. Addictive personalities may think it is easy to go from heroin to Suboxone, simply replacing one addiction with another. This, however, would entirely defeat the purpose of Medication-Assisted Treatment. For this reason, the medical professional instructs proper dosages to the patient and should maintain regular meetings and regulations.

Heroin Drug Rehab – Drug Intervention

At the beginning of the process, heroin addiction often times requires the help of a professional drug intervention team. Keep in mind that many times, heroin addicts abuse other medications including Xanax. Some might switch on and off various types of medications, drugs, or substances. Cases such as this require an Inpatient Drug Detox and Inpatient Heroin Drug Rehab treatment center as close medical supervision is required.

Getting sober from heroin addiction is possible. All it takes it the willingness of the recovering addict to put in the work, knowing the best treatment options, and perhaps some assistance with alternative medications. If you have any more questions about heroin drug rehab, contact Prevail Intervention and we can help you on the path to recovery today.


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