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  • First Light Recovery

    First Light Recovery (FLR) is a social rehabilitation treatment program designed to serve clients who have mild, moderate, and chronic psychiatric impairment and whose adaptive functioning is impaired. First Light Recovery (FLR) offers a Transitional Residential Treatment Program for men and women between the ages of 18-59 years who meets the admission criteria of either one diagnosis from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 or diagnosed with co-occurring disorders with primary psychiatric issues. FLR provides care to individuals whose symptoms are not severe enough to require nursing and/or medical care but sufficiently severe to require 24-hour structure and support in which Read more [...]

  • Whole Life Recovery

    Whole Life Recovery Whole Life Recovery is located San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. Whole Life Recovery’s mission is to create an opportunity for individuals to live an authentic and rewarding life by treating the whole person through mind, body and spirit, while decreasing chances of recidivism. Our treatment philosophy surrounds our belief that recovery comes from finding each client’s truth by achieving a healthier state of mind, body and spirit. We believe that short term treatment can achieve successful long-term outcomes by addressing relapse potential, behavioral modification and expanding opportunities to improve one’s lifestyle. Whole Life Recovery utilizes a Read more [...]