Top executive addiction help in Malibu

  • Alo House Recovery Center

    Alo House Recovery Center Review Alo House Recovery is a treatment center located in beautiful Malibu. This inpatient luxury rehab center uses the compassionate care model, built on loving and non-judgmental support. Addiction help comes through a community-based approach to healing, a philosophy based on ‘connection instead of control’. The staff here are all licensed and accredited, with decades of combined experience treating addiction and alcoholism. Unlike many treatment centers, Alo House does not base their care on the 12-step model. Instead, they provide 90-day long-term programs based on recent evidence that the 30-day model is not effective. They manage to Read more [...]

  • Paradigm Malibu

    Paradigm Malibu Drug Rehab Review Paradigm Malibu carries a state license for addiction treatment, located near the beach. The addiction help program here consists of 6 different parts. This includes emotional, physical, social and family health and an education component. Each part has been carefully designed by the credentialed staff. The main specialization here is in treating teen drug abuse and mental health. They also offer an extremely effective intervention program for difficult youth who are hesitant to go into treatment. The goal is to empower both youth and their families as the core of treatment. Targeting young adults strengths Read more [...]

  • Infinity Malibu

    Infinity Malibu Review Infinity Malibu is a great place to get away from the stress of work and distractions of everyday life to build a strong foundation for sobriety. This inpatient drug rehab uses scientifically proven therapies to help you get sober. The facility is state licensed and accredited for substance abuse. They provide a range of options when it comes to your treatment, with both traditional and holistic methods available. The impressive location and peaceful environment is in a gorgeous part of Malibu. The drug rehab program is quite in-depth here, with a structured schedule from the morning through Read more [...]

  • Malibu Hills Rehab Center

    Malibu Hills Rehab Center Review Malibu Hills Treatment offers inpatient drug rehab with a modern approach. Unlike many treatment centers, they do not center around the traditional 12-step model by Alcoholics Anonymous. They create a custom tailored plan for each client and believe doing so is vital to creating long-term sobriety. “We believe in empowering our clients in their quest for awareness, insight, happiness, and fulfillment, and motivation is a key focus.” The staff here provides all the addiction help you could need, in every phase of recovery.They use many of the latest methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral Read more [...]

  • Journey Malibu

    Journey Malibu Rehab Review Journey Malibu is a drug rehab with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. They provide addiction help to professionals, families through their tightly knit team of practitioners and planners. Everyone here seems to be extremely passionate about what they do. The facilities are fully licensed and credentialed, and the staff has a massive amount of experience treating substance abuse. There is a massive emphasis on holistic treatments here, and you can tell the staff practices what they preach. They work hard to create a culture of recovery to make both the staff and clients feel a sense Read more [...]

  • Promises Malibu

    Promises Malibu Rehab Review Promises Malibu is a beautiful facility located in the Santa Monica Mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Besides the range of services for substance abuse they also offer Drug and Alcohol Detox, Residential Treatment and Aftercare. Also, their programs center around treatment personalized for each client, in a healing environment that maintains the highest standards of care. Since promises offer a range of therapies including music therapy, yoga, meditation and psychodrama sessions they have a balanced approach to treatment. The first thing to remember is that all the programs here are custom tailored to you. For the most Read more [...]

  • Avalon Malibu

    Avalon Malibu Rehab Review Avalon Malibu is a mental health and addiction treatment center. Their motto is: “We focus on POTENTIAL not PATHOLOGY.” Avalon Malibu has a wide range of methodologies as can be seen with the holistic and mental health programs available depending on your needs. Also, the facilities carry a California state license for substance abuse as well as psychiatric and mental health issues. To that end, they have a variety of different therapy programs available for clients looking to get sober. Depending on your unique situation, they provide five different levels of care, including: Licensed Addiction Residential Read more [...]

  • Passages Malibu

    Passages Malibu rehab center is a non 12-step, holistic treatment facility located in the serene, private hills of Malibu, California. Passages was founded in 2001 by father and son team Chris & Pax Prentiss. Pax successfully overcame a 10-year addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin using a program consisting of holistic, one-on-one therapy. This highly effective therapy is now the backbone of the Passages treatment program and its founding philosophy. Passages Malibu accepts most insurance and has earned the coveted JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accreditation, only given to the top 6% of the nation’s behavioral health treatment program. Please Read more [...]