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The beautiful state of California is a destination for Americans and people around the world. Home to some of the most well-known places in the world including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. That’s why so many come to California Drug Rehabs.

California is also one of the biggest states in the country, with a massive population to match. At around 38.8 million residents, the state comes in with the largest and most diverse populations in the entire country.

Aside from being a popular tourist destination, many people come to the state seeking sobriety. For many addicts and alcoholics, it is the ideal place to get away from the people and stresses keeping them in their addiction.

California Drug Rehabs

There are thousands of treatment centers spread throughout the state. California Drug Rehabs enjoy special laws around residential treatment. This allows for addicts and alcoholics to work towards their sobriety in a comfortable setting that feels like home.

On the surface, California seems like a glamorous and beautiful place. However, the state certainly has its share of addicts and alcoholics. That’s why there are so many California Drug Rehabs available.

It might be surprising to discover that one out of every twelve adults is thought to have alcohol dependence in California. Many people don’t consider alcohol to be an issue since it’s legal. However, physical dependence is very dangerous and going into California Drug Rehab is highly advisable for anyone with a problem. If you or anyone you know drinks heavily frequently, or even binge drinks occasionally, we suggest you make a call to help discover your options. Binge drinking is when a man drinks more than five drinks in a two hour period, of if a woman drinks four in the same period.

Drug Abuse in California

While it may seem peculiar that alcohol drinkers end up in California Drug Rehabs, it might be interesting to know more than 40% of people receiving public substance abuse treatment in California in 2013 reports both alcohol and drug issues together. 186,000 people went to California Drug Rehabs between 2009 and 2013, which is just a small fraction at less than 10% of people who need treatment. Interestingly enough, Marijuana treatment rose ahead of Alcohol in 2010. This is likely because the substance is popular in the state. It just goes to show that less taboo substances can cause just as many problems for people!

California Treatment

Detox treatment is not always necessary for alcohol and marijuana, but it’s extremely important for substances like benzos and opiates. 3 million people in California abuse drugs. Detox treatment is not always necessary for eleven people to die every day to drugs in California. Drugs can be attributable to the number one cause of preventable death here, following car accidents, suicides, and homicides. Considering many of the latter categories are attributable to drugs, it’s safe to say drugs are a serious problem.

Don’t be another statistic, call today to find the right California Drug Rehab for you! The options can be overwhelming, in addition to taking on such a big change. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here for you!

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