Drug Addiction

Research shows that drug addiction has becoming a major concern in the United States. The addiction problem is partly fueled by a growing epidemic occurring with prescription opiates such a Vicodin. This often leads to more powerful opiates such as Heroin and Fentanyl.

Drugs are mentally and physically addictive. When an addict decides to get clean, the body reacts negatively. It leads to painful symptoms of withdrawal. Opiates like heroin, tramadol, codeine, methadone, opium, morphine, and alcohol are highly addictive.

Regardless if you believe drug addiction is a chronic disease or a choice the outcome is often fatal. Over 22 Million people in the united states suffer from drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Trends

We are seeing a growing number of addicts seeking treatment for Heroin. In 2017 there was a significant increase in the growing number of heroin related deaths because of heroin laced fentanyl. As a result many new drugs have come on the market to assist with heroin drug addiction such as Zubsolv and Suboxone.

In addition, we are seeing a rise in the number of people seeking treatment for Xanax addiction.


Yes, Alcohol is a Drug. Alcohol when abused can cause health problems such as liver damage from alcohol. Alcohol withdrawals can also be fatal if not properly treated by an inpatient alcohol rehab or alcohol detox setting.

If you or a loved one is struggling with Alcohol, please look at the warning signs that you are an alcoholic.

Drug Addiction with alcohol may be hard to distinguish between alcohol abuse and alcoholism


Methamphetamine or (Meth) is becoming very popular California and many other states. Meth related drug addiction can cause serious mental health problems. Users of meth are often up for several days at a time.  Reactions to crystal meth can include paranoia, hallucinations, loss of appetite and delusions. The national institute for drug abuse showed that in 2017 Adderall abuse was the highest prescription drug misused by 12 graders helping fuel the growing methamphetamine drug problem.

Drug Addiction - Prescription Drug Abuse

Opiates and Heroin

There has been a huge increase in heroin, methadone, and other related opiate deaths in 2016. A recent CDC study showed 20,145 methadone and opiate related deaths and 15,446 heroin related deaths. We strongly recommend a heroin drug rehab for you or your loved one that may be struggling with heroin addiction.

drug addiction - heroin and opiates overdose death


For families with a loved one suffering from drug addiction sometimes a professional drug intervention is needed. Drug addiction is a complicated and multi-faceted disease.  Often with drug addiction an inpatient drug rehab or inpatient drug detox may be required for the addict to achieve long term sobriety.

Drug Withdrawals

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can cause seizures and other health risks. In addition to the health risks, as the craving increase for the drug the addict will do anything to get their drug of choice. Suicide and other erratic behavior is not uncommon for someone suffering from drug addiction that is going through withdrawals.

12 Step Meetings

Many drug addicts fine help with self-help programs or 12 step based programs such as Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Cocaine Anonymous (CA). These programs help with drug addiction by taking the addict through a series of steps to understand the disease of drug addiction, find a higher power, address character defects, make amends, and help others suffering from drug addiction.

Long term care

Relapse is all to often a common theme with drug addiction. We high recommend finding long term care solutions. This can include a variety of things such as 12 step meetings, church, volunteering, support groups, individual therapy and other activities that further personal and long term recovery goals.

Long term recovery

As recovered addicts we like to say that drugs and alcohol are not the problem (we as in addicts) are the problem and drugs and alcohol was our solution.

We often hear of many success stories of addicts turning their life around as a result of addiction or alcoholism. Their stories always begin with the fact that they finally surrendered and accepted help for their disease. Denial is usually the first mechanism an addict will employ when comforted by a family member, friend or employer. It is recommended to start the process of finding treatment options for them and make it harder for them to continue using. This may include cutting them off financially so as not to enable their addiction.  Once you or your loved one completes an inpatient drug rehab, drug treatment program or drug detox program the real work begins. For an addict, they have to find other positive outlets to replace the void that drugs and alcohol use to fill.

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